Saturday, September 10, 2016

Teen Guy's room Make-over with a Vintage twist

Hey there my retro lovin' peeps on the web!

I wanted to share with you my son's room reveal.   Over the years, although we have upgraded some of the major fixtures in the room (bed, desk, media console)  it hasn't really been redecorated since he was a toddler (he is 19 now). So this you could say was long overdue.  

   It took Peter awhile to decide on colors.  He is an avid eighties fan, so under consideration was mixed pastels (thought it would be too feminine), white walls with pastel accents (ditto),  light blue, (not mature enough) black (too dark).       He finally decided on a medium gray for the walls and a darker blue for the trim.

[Paint - Walmart brand "Color Place"
"Gray Granite"  & "King Neptune Blue"
both in Semi-gloss finish]

Some Before pictures:
   These are the closet doors.   All the trim (window trim, door trim, & closet doors/trim) were the same wood-grain.
Green grass & Blue sky....

When Peter was little (around 3 years old) he loved Richard Scarry's 'Busytown'  series.   We had just moved into our house, and my original plan for his new room was going to be a mural on his wall similar to one of the Busytown scenes. so I did the blue & green (sky & grass) for the backdrop. Before I ended up seeing the vision through, my daughter was born and then life got very, very busy with the two little ones, so the mural itself didn't end up happening.
Wall before....

Peter, like me,  loves vintage.  With his room re-deco, there were items he wanted to showcase for decorations. He has several Cadillac advertisements from the hey-day of the brand.  He has been collecting these for the past few years. We bought inexpensive picture frames at a department store (about $2/frame) and mounted the ads.
One of his other interests is Coca-Cola memorabilia. He has retro style signs, tins, old bottles and other items.  They provided a nice pop of color against the gray walls.


The room is finally all painted and his vintage decor displayed!  He finished framing up his Cadillac ads and mounted them on the far wall next to the closet in a set of three to balance the ones on the wall above his computer. He set up some of his Coke memorabilia on display in another corner along with some vintage style car models.   A few storage pieces from Ikea to house his record collection and we were good to go!

[Note - a few things that didn't make it into these pictures really help with the vintage feel of the room too. Peter has stereo components from the good old days as part of his entertainment system - a record player and 8-Track player. His record collection is prominently on display too]

The closet had been plain wood-grain doors on tracks. A couple of coats of
"King Neptune blue" make them stand out

Closet close-up (decor has not been hung up yet)

Vintage Cadillac advertisements make interesting & inexpensive decorations

some more Cadillac vintage ads

Kitty surveying our yard

Coke is it!  Some tin signs on the wall, and model cars

Some additional vintage car ads balance the decorations on the walls

Granite gray walls
Ikea cube bookcase houses his records & books
Finally finished!

Do you use your vintage or retro collections for decorations?
Please share in the comments!