Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sew for Victory ~ Completed look!

Hi there,

Apologies for missing a week of blogging... had some illness in the household and doing mommy duty triple time.      I have also been taking advantage of the few quiet moments in between gingerale and kleenex to finish up my "Sew for Victory" project.   The end date was Monday (4/1), and Rochelle from "Lucky Lucille", hostess of this awesome sew-along, will be putting together a slideshow shortly with all the participants looks. Here is the link to the Flickr pool with all the participants,  however I thought I remember reading that it was a closed group, so not sure if everyone is able to view the photos.

 Here is the total complete outfit.  Once again the beautiful Cape Cod weather played it up.  This was taken minutes before it started to pour down rain.
I took a few more once inside.    
(I've been taking all my pictures with my Nokia phone.  I do love  nokia phones, this being my 3rd,  however methinks I need to invest in a better digital camera. We had some earlier models back when the kids were little and cameras were big, but they have since stopped working.) 
 This is a closer view of the blouse & skirt.

These are inside the house - a close up view of the blouse. This blouse pattern was a crazy one for darts - 8 in front and another 4 in the back!  The blouse was very detailed - it took about 2 weeks to make,  the skirt on the other hand was very simple - 3 pattern pieces, a zipper (they referred to it as a slide fastener in the pattern!)  Took less than 2 hours to make.  The only change I made with the skirt was with the waist to make it bigger.   The pattern even though my hip size, was for a teeny-tiny waist.

 and here I was just playing around a bit with hairstyles to see if I could capture a more authentic 40's look.
If I didn't know any better,  I would
have thought these clothes fit more
in with 'Little House on the Prairie'
rather than tea with Myrna Loy!

And here the clothes are sans me...

Not all that bad for my first sew-along.
The Mad Men sewing challenge is going on and has about 3 more weeks to go...I need to get to work on that look.   In looking at all the awesome sewers that participated in the Sew for Victory Challenge, I was able to find a whole bunch of other blogs written by people like me - my homegirls!  One in particular written by an expat British lady, had a Doctor Who sew-along a few months ago.  Now how could I have possibly missed that?  Hopefully there will be a second one. (I think she now is running a David Bowie sew-along. She was actually able to morph her 40's look with her Bowie one, how cool is that? Her blog is 'Fanbloomingtastic')

Another blogger left me my very first comment!   Her look was a lovely gray & purple ensemble, complete with matching chapeau, totally awesome in my book. She also has a feline sewing companion.  Her blog is "Retro Sewing Romance Writer".

Also, my son Peter has been very anxious for me to start on a suit I promised him I would try to make... Him being an 80's aficionado, has longed for a white suit ala Don Johnson in 'Miami Vice.'  I have bought the fabric
along with Vogue pattern 2836 for a Men's suit.  I'm
a little nervous about starting it,  quite an advanced
pattern. Think I'm going to have to RTFM on this one.  (I'm a bit of a rogue sewer,  I don't usually follow directions, just kind of do what I think, and sometimes this works out well, and sometimes it doesn't).

Lots of fun sewing challenges coming up!  Stay tuned...
Would love to hear more comments if any of you are sewing anything interesting, or just to say 'Hi!'

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