Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is it August already?

I begin by apologizing now for the length of time it has been since my last posting.  I don't know if I have any regular readers, or if most people just happen across my site from other blogs or random internet searches.

Part of the issue was that I moved my computer to my daughter's room earlier this year (mine was better & faster than her laptop, and we were making a foray into the wonderful world of homeshcooling)  but then she discovered Minecraft.... so when she wasn't doing her coursework, she was adventuring with her friends; digging, mining, building, fighting Cave Spiders and Creepers.   I think anyone who knows about this game will understand.   Unfortunately, I never saw my computer again :(
I have been using her laptop, but it doesn't have the same 'feel' so I find that I am not as creative on it, hence the lack of posting.  So what have we been doing with ourselves the past couple of months?

  • Some Home Improvement
  • Anime Boston 2013
  • Vintage clothing shopping in Boston
  • Summer camps
  • Baby kittehs!

Home Improvement

So first, my old living room curtains were tattered & torn (much thanks to doggies sitting at the window pawing at them, and kitties running up and down them)     I found this really lovely fabric with birds and butterflies (I am a nut for natural themed things) -
"It's Curtains for ya, Rocky! Curtains!"  (Bugs Bunny)
And Voila!    I am really in love with this fabric.  I got it at JoAnn's Fabrics,  and I think this is one of a family of fabrics (if that's what you call them?   Series maybe? ) Anyway, there are other fabrics that go with this I may decide to do some accent pillows or slipcovers or something.

more Bathroom paint
Bathroom painted

The other project undertook was cleaning out and painting the bathroom.   This project is not yet completed, although we got a good deal of the clutter out;  cleaned and mildew-primed the walls and ceiling; and got the walls mostly painted.   I am  planning on erecting some sort of shelving unit (the old one was falling apart so my daughter had a lovely time dismantling it).   We chose a really pretty lilac for the paint color.   I also still need to make curtains for the window, though I'm really undecided about the fabric. I thought a complex pattern with a lot going on (like the fabric for the living room ones)  wouldn't be good for such a small space.  I saw some fabric that was a white background, had sort of caricature lines depicting trees, and owls dotted among the trees.  Although I did like the fabric,  I'm not sure it really goes with anything in the bathroom though.  Suggestions anyone?

Anime Boston 2013

Last year Anime Boston was a mother-daughter trip. It fell right around Autumn's birthday so we made a special weekend out of it - stayed in a fancy hotel and ordered room service.  This year, the convention was a month later, and Autumn got an invite to spend the weekend with a friend who lives right outside the city, and was having several other of their friends stay too (sleepover!)  So this year I didn't go with :(  but Autumn had a great time and got to see many of her friends that she only sees once or twice a year at the conventions.
This year Autumn was Aradia from Homestuck.  I'm proud to say she did the entire cosplay herself

Horns         (ordered from a party store online, she attached them with heavy duty glue to a headband)
T-shirt        (basic black one from Wal-Mart, fabric painted design)
skirt           (second hand long gray one ordered on ebay, we shortened & hemmed it)
Arm socks (gray tights from Target, she found instructions on how to modify them on the 'net to make them into armsocks)  This was a    last minute cosplay change,  she originally planned to use the same gray make-up on her arms as she had on her face.  But                      it didn't look a smooth, especially in the elbow crease,  and kept getting gray dust all over the rest of the clothing.
Tube Socks        (Hot topic)
Gray Make-up   (theatrical make-up from a local art supply store)  

Peter & I went up on Sunday (last day of the con) to pick her up, and spent a few hours vintage clothes shopping in Boston.  We found a few neat new places, but I want to do a separate post on that so as to give it justice as some of the places were faboo!

Summer Camps

Autumn went to a Youth Group camp sponsored by one of the local churches along with a few of her closest friends.  It was near Mount Monadnock in NH. She had a great time, they did team exercises and swimming and stuff. (sorry, I haven't got any pictures of this, you will just have to imagine a blue haired girl taking NH by storm)

Peter went to Boy Scout Camp at Camp Yawgoog in RI.  He has also been working on his Eagle Scout project this summer.
Peter at the Dining Hall

New Additions to the family

Et finalement, nous avons les petits chats noirs maintenant!

By way of one of the kids' friends who has a friend whom she visited in Tennessee,  3 baby kittens made their way back (via plane then bus ride).   We got 2,  their friend kept the other one.
This is Princess Kashi and Mama Cass.   (Mama Cass has a little crimp in her ear and a little white fur under her arms, Princess Kashi also seems to have a deeper 'meow')   I'm sure to tell you more about them in future posts.

Thanks for reading!

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