Friday, February 21, 2014

Vintage Pink Canister set

Hi Friends,

Continuing with my thread from the other day,  another fantastic thing to help cure the winter blues is thrifting!  

I have to share one of my newest vintage acquisitions with you! These were thrifted at one of the local Salvation Army stores near where I live for a little less than $2 each.

It is a canister set, √† la Mid-Century.   (The soft pink is a dead giveaway!)   There are a few little chips in the paint, but no rust that I could find.  And don't you just loovvee that cursive font?  Yes, my little darling canisters, I will keep my sugar, flour, coffee and tea in you!

Now I was never a huge fan of pink in large quantities,  but having found these and fallen in love with them,  I've been inspired.  They call to mind the beautiful, feminine colors of kitchens from the past.   Turquoise, pink, mint, yellow,  nothing like today's industrialistic stainless steel and concrete. 
Barbie, eat your heart out!

dreamy yellow for this fifties kitchen

I have decided that my very own kitchen needs a retro update, and it's going to be pink!
Now, just in case you've decided that I've fallen and hit my head, thus turning me into some kind of nutcase who makes crazy decisions at the drop of the hat, fear not - I have befallen no such accident, dear friend.

Truth is, I have been contemplating some kind of kitchen make-over for awhile now.      I love my house, truly I do. But the builders of this house circa 1987 were truly uninspired.  When we moved in, (16 years ago)  all the walls were flat white paint. The kitchen cabinets were bottom of the line plain brown pressed wood.  Counter-tops are a cream colored vinyl (I think) that have lovely cigarette burn marks from previous owners.   Although during my tenure, I have painted the cabinets, walls and tiled the floor,  the kitchen longs for some creativity to bring it to life.  I believe I have found inspiration through my canister set.

Turquoise was a very popular color

The description said this was from the 1970's....  I absolutely adore this kitchen
 (or anything purple for that matter!)   Second choice if the pink doesn't work out!

Mmmmmm! Can't you just smell the cookies baking?

I have also gotten some wonderful insights and reassurance from Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage  [Vintage Blogger Extraordinaire!]  She has been very helpful with lots of ideas on vintage kitchen makeovers as she has done her own.   I hope to share some of my plans in upcoming posts,  if any of you has some ideas to share, or have done your own retro make-over, I'd love to hear about it!

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